The New England Metropolis – Boston, MA – March 2016



I visited Boston during St. Patrick’s Day weekend this past March. As luck would have it, the “Luck of the Irish” was the sentiment I experienced for three days. I was lucky with free dinner from a mother from San Antonio, Texas and $3,000 in free rides from a Fasten. As irony would have it, the team name”Boston Celtics” really goes without saying. NBA pride filled the  streets of Boston upon my arrival. Itching to take pictures as I cruised along because the scenery was quite like no other. Having only recently begun traveling, Boston marveled me in the way the Boston Harbor nestled this buzzing city.

While visiting a friend at Boston University, I couldn’t help but think how much I’d love going to school on the water. The Charles River is the perfect calm to the storm that is Boston.  It was visible from so many parts of the city. This feeling of splendor only intensified once I visited the harbor. Breathtaking that it was, I could have spent the whole evening staring into the Long Wharf. An orange sun mixed with grey skies, atop restless water made for a great photo opp. The sun set directly on the horizon in a way that was so still, unaffected from the bustling of downtown Boston.

The New England Metropolis that is Boston offered a refreshing view to my perception of a populated city. Each neighborhood offered a distinctively unique vibe. It was clear where college students roamed, where hipsters thrived, where families blossomed, and where the wealthy sat atop the winding array of brown stones in Beacon Hill. Of which, it’s cobblestone streets seemed unaltered from the early days of the revolution.

While I was in Boston, I was fortunate enough to visit Faneuil Hall, Museum of African-American History, Institute of Contemporary Art, and Newbury Street. Such landmarks allowed me to feel like the ideal tourist. Faneuil Hall and Newbury Street offered a combination of shopping and endless food for every craving. My trip to the Museum of African-American History offered me insight on the tribulations of my African-American ancestors. All of the ICA’s modern art galleries were an intriguing escape into the visions of all the artists. Traveling alone was a feat I thought I could never conquer. surprisingly, it was a challenge I came to enjoy.

Boston was absolutely refreshing