Opulence and Prestige of Wealth . . . Versailles, France – July 2015


Les Portes D’Ors ( The Gold Doors) is the signature trademark of this French château. Home to the last King of the French monarch, King Louis XVI, Versailles by name a sense of deep-rooted history. Upon arrival to this château, it is absolutely breath-taking. The gold doors paired with the cobble stone entry way allow one to feel as if they have stepped back in time to the 18th century. As if the elaborate detailing of the structure is not enough le jardin that surrounds the château is so intricate it requires an entirely different visit to explore completely. The grounds on which the château sits are as well manicured as a woman leaving a French salon. Vivid greens and striking blues contrasted with the gold detail of the gold doors are the signature hues of la Château de Versailles.


The symbolism of Versailles is one that showcases the opulence and prestige of wealth trés popular before the demise of the French monarch. Versailles represents the notions of “let them eat cake” Marie Antoinette supposedly exclaimed as a result of famine plaguing the French people. Versailles represents the seclusion of the French court from any outside affairs aside from running the country. Versailles represents what lead to the fall of the Bastille. Hundreds of years later the wealth that spewed from this château makes one contemplate just how much wealth can be obtained in the world.


Key features of the château include the large canal where one can enjoy a paddle ride. The infamous La Galerie des Glaces that consists of a well-lit hallway completely filled with mirrors. Selfie photo opps completely up for grabsAnd even more prestigious is the bed chamber of Marie Antoinette. A closer look at corner details and floral patterns shed light into how much care was given for such spaces.


While studying the French language early in my formative years, Versailles was something that always marveled me.  “Wow, a king and queen really lived in this a castle”. “Marie Antoinette hosted lavish events for her guests here”. Large is an understatement when describing this palatial structure. Sitting on acres, as I can imagine, Versailles stood for power, prestige, and wealth. Today, Versailles stands for a closed chapter in French history with a strong remembrance of grandiose affairs. Brutal as it was the termination of the French monarch marked a new start for the Republic of France. Thus modern France as so many know it.


The marvel that is Versailles sits just outside of Paris.


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