Montego Bay, Jamaica – May 2014

In May 2014 I had the pleasure of taking a weeklong trip to Jamaica, Jamaica — Montego Bay, more specifically. My parents are Haitian yet I’ve never been there. This was the first island I’ve ever visited in the Caribbean. My first thought was “what a tropical wonder that is Jamaica”. Trees, clouds, and blue skies so vivid that even without contacts; I would’ve been able to see them clearly. Upon leaving the airport, these were my initial impressions.

IMG_4748 (1)

The resort where I stayed was conveniently located on the beach. White sand wedged between my toes as the tropical breeze blew through my tresses. The rather warm sun beating down on my brown skin radiated a feeling of such profound youthfulness inside of me. It was a feeling quite like no other. From my preliminary hours on the island, I knew Jamaica was a place I would meet again.

The vibe in Jamaica is one that is so relaxed your normally tense and achy muscles are at ease. And well of course there’s the whole calming effect of cannabis; of which is so plentiful on this island you can get “high” wherever you happen go. I gallivanted by horseback through the countryside to the ocean. Water so immaculate that its’ warm blue hues make the island ever so vibrant. I traveled to the acclaimed Appleton Rum factory and sampled rum that was aged nearly 70 years. I partied at Jimmy Buffet’s “Margaretville” as well as the local Pier One. And while Jamaica is synonymous with reggae music, I felt music of all styles and flavors through my veins. The never-ending island breeze follows you everywhere on this island especially when as you’re sipping piña coladas, having the time of your life.

Simply put: Montego Bay, Jamaica was beautiful.


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