Freedom of soft drugs . . . Amsterdam- July 2015

There was an aura about Amsterdam I couldn’t quite understand. Unique in it’s character because of the freedom of soft drugs and prostitution. Essentially, this is a European city where anything that only harms you is a go. There exists freedom and liberty to be free and do what so many frown upon. Amsterdam was a city completely opposite of my semi-strict upbringing.


Aside from the complete debauchery that can come with plentiful weed and prostitution, the structure of Amsterdam multiplied its charisma. Canals of every size dissected the city’s streets. Cobblestone streets paired with endless canals made Amsterdam worthy of every picture I took. There are even boats docked in the canals where people live year-round. Innovation at its finest.

Amsterdam Bike Tour

The uniqueness doesn’t end with its structure but the ringing of bicycle bells, coupled with the sound of tramcars made Amsterdam never silent but appealing to the acoustic. Amsterdam had an aesthetic of a children’s’ storybook where adults-only played. For two hours I cycled through the streets of Amsterdam guided by a local. The Red Light District attracts visitors during the day just as plentiful at night. Museumplein houses not one but many museums for one to peruse including the Van Gogh museum.

My tastes buds thanked me over and over again for the bottomless golden fries I ate paired with scarlet ketchup. Thanked me for the golden waffle I devoured with vanilla ice cream and Nutella. I would not be surprised if there was a dairy farm just outside of the city. By far some of the greatest ice cream I have ever tried. This is a city where all my cravings were indeed satisfied.

Amsterdam was interesting, intriguing, and alluring.


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